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Salem City Circuit Court

Salem Circuit Court hears a full array of serious criminal and civil matters as part of the 23rd Judicial Circuit of Virginia. We’ve represented clients on cases here for years, and in our experience the Commonwealth’s Attorney Thomas Bowers and court clerk Chance Crawford keep the court efficient and just.

Criminal court term begins on the third Friday of February, May, July, and September, as well as the second Friday of December. Grand juries are held on the first day of term after court convenes at 8:30 a.m. Criminal cases are typically set on term day.

If you’re looking to reschedule your court date, your best course of action depends on whether you have a defense attorney. If you have hired an attorney to represent you, it might be easiest to work with him or her to file a continuance with the court. If you have not hired anyone to represent you, we recommend calling the court to find out what the process is and what paperwork you need to submit.

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2 E Calhoun St
Salem, VA 24153-7933

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