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Contact us today!The goal of our blog is to discuss topics related to criminal, traffic or DUI law that you may find informative, useful or entertaining. We’re always interested to hear your comments on our posts, and if you’d like us to discuss a certain topic in more depth then please email us at advice@roanokecriminalattorney.com

Violation of a Protective Order is a Felony in Virginia

Also known as a restraining order, a protective order is a serious legal matter which will show up in criminal background checks and prevent you from contacting the alleged victim. Protective orders are widely seen in divorce and child custody cases and must be obeyed. In Virginia, the violation of a protective order comes with severe penalties. Since violating a protective order can be considered a misdemeanor or felony, it Read More

What Happens If I Get an Out-of-State DUI

Getting charged with driving under the influence (DUI) in another state is usually more expensive and stressful than getting charged in your home state. You will have to hire a lawyer licensed to practice in the state where you got arrested, and you will probably have to travel there to appear in court. If a Virginia court convicts you of DUI, you may face serious repercussions as an out-of-state driver. Read More

5 Things You Should Know About Virginia DWI Law

Drunk driving is a serious problem in Virginia. Last year, the authorities recorded over 8,000 alcohol related traffic accidents that resulted in 5,288 injuries, according to the Virginia Highway Safety Office. Because of these worrisome statistics, Virginia law enforcement officers are always on the lookout, and prosecutors are ever ready to bring criminal charges against people suspected of drunk driving. The problem is, many innocent people get swept up in Read More

Sexual Misconduct with Underage Students

Sex crimes involving minors can often be a touchy and shameful subject. Nevertheless, being charged with sexual misconduct with an underage student will lead to serious consequences. Just recently, a Richmond teacher was charged with sexually assaulting an underage student at Huguenot High School. The teacher faced felony charges for misconduct in a supervisory role. If convicted of sexual misconduct with underage students, you will most likely lose your job, Read More

Johnson v. US

People who have been incarcerated for violating the federal Armed Career Criminal Act (ACCA) may stand a chance at requesting a reduced sentence or even their release from prison. Also known as the federal three strikes law, the ACCA contained a clause that the Supreme Court ruled last year was unconstitutional in Johnson v. United States. And in March of this year, the Supreme Court ruled in Welch v. United Read More