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Criminal Defense Blog

Contact us today!The goal of our blog is to discuss topics related to criminal, traffic or DUI law that you may find informative, useful or entertaining. We’re always interested to hear your comments on our posts, and if you’d like us to discuss a certain topic in more depth then please email us at advice@roanokecriminalattorney.com

Should You Testify at Your Criminal Case?

If your criminal case goes to trial, a critical tactical issue is whether or not you’ll testify. You’re not required to, and the prosecution has the burden to prove your guilt. But depending on the facts and evidence, taking the stand may be the right thing to do. If the time comes for that, Roanoke Criminal Attorneys will support you in every way we can and help you to tell Read More

Roanoke Drug Arrests: Are You Eligible for Drug Court?

The Virginia State Police report thousands of drug arrests every year, and an arrest can land you in significant legal trouble. While the longest sentences are for selling drugs, prosecutors are known to seek jail time for people arrested for drug use. Drug convictions stay on your record forever, making it hard to find employment and move on with your life. Fortunately, Virginia courts sometimes offer treatment instead of jail. Read More

How Illegal Discharge of a Firearm Can Be Reduced or Dismissed in Virginia?

As a society, we recognize the potential harm that firearms can cause. So obviously, there are laws prohibiting certain behaviors with guns. In Virginia, these include restrictions on where and when a firearm can be discharged, including inside or at buildings. Unfortunately, even the most careful gun owners can make a mistake, where a firearm is accidentally discharged. This exposes people to significant charges with dire consequences. But by working Read More

Did You Know Your Child Could Be Arrested by an SRO in Roanoke?

There’s a national discussion going on about whether U.S. police forces should change, and if so, how? A part of this discussion is whether police belong in schools. Many elementary, middle, and high schools across the country have a police presence. In Roanoke, these officers are called school resource officers or SROs. Typically, elementary schools have one SRO per two schools, middle schools are assigned one SRO, while high schools Read More

Top Roanoke Gun Grimes

Guns are a hot topic in Virginia and around the country. While some people are reckless with firearms or use them to intentionally commit crimes, at Roanoke Criminal Attorneys, we also know that law-abiding gun owners can find themselves in the crosshairs of Roanoke gun charges too. So if you or a loved one are charged with a firearm-related offense, we highly recommend talking with an attorney. An honest mistake Read More