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Federal Drug Conspiracy Charges Attorneys

Most laws are designed only to target criminals who have carried out crimes (or are in the process of doing so); conspiracy charges, on the other hand, target anyone who may have been remotely involved in planning or carrying out a criminal scheme. In the case of federal drug conspiracies, the government does not have to prove that you sold drugs to arrest you. They only must prove that:

  1. You were one of two or more people who made an agreement to together to violate federal drugs laws, and that

  2. One of those people acted in furtherance of the agreement.

In practical terms, anyone even remotely involved can find himself pulled in by this very general accusation. If you are charged with being involved in a drug conspiracy, you can possibly even be charged for the worst crime committed or attempted no matter how big or small your actual involvement. The vague nature of federal drug conspiracy charges means that innocent people or people who have had minor involvement such as making a minor sale or renting a car or a motel room can be labeled drug traffickers and be sentenced to incredibly lengthy and harsh periods of incarceration.

How You Can Get Caught in the Crosshairs During a Federal Drug Investigation

When law enforcement goes after a drug distribution ring, they cast a wide net. This means that anyone even vaguely associated with the ringleaders of the drug conspiracy will be pulled in and charged if there is any indication that that person knew of the drug operation. In these cases, it isn’t uncommon to see charges brought against people with no traditional criminal intent, such as the mother who provided a vehicle or the kid who purchased cell phones for the organization.

For this reason, defending yourself against such charges can be a real challenge. Many people find themselves in a lose-lose situation where they are being threatened with years of jail time if they don’t become a cooperating witness and snitch on the drug conspiracy.

That’s why these kinds of charges often require the help of an experienced Roanoke drug defense lawyer to fight. If you have been accused of contributing to a drug conspiracy call the drug defense lawyers at Roanoke criminal defense right away at for a free consultation on your case. Find out how we may be able to help clear your name.