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What to Do If You’re Being Investigated for Murder

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If you’re facing a murder investigation in Virginia, it may feel like you’re constantly being questioned and worried about what your fate will be. This feeling can even be aggravated by the fact that murder investigations can take a long time to be resolved. There’s a lot of evidence to examine, the smallest of details can decide the outcome. Law enforcement officers and prosecutors can make their careers with a murder case, and there may even be more than one agency investigating the case. Your first move in a Virginia murder investigation is to speak with an experienced murder defense lawyer, who can give you a good idea of what to expect and what to.

A Roanoke murder lawyer from Roanoke Criminal Attorneys will be your best resource during a murder case. If you’re involved a Virginia murder investigation, contact us right away. Even if you’re not immediately accused or charged with a crime, the investigation can be complex and intimidating. We can tell you who to talk to, and what information to have readily available.

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Be Aware of What You Say During a Murder Investigation

There are any number of people you may talk to during a murder investigation. Police officers, investigators, and even prosecutors may all contact you, requesting information from you. In many cases, it may not be immediately apparent whether the person talking to you considers you a suspect or not. They may not read you your rights; they may even suggest to you that you are not under suspicion. Do not be fooled; anything you say during the investigation can be used against you. When in doubt, remember that you clearly request legal representation before answering any questions.

Preserve Evidence That Indicates Your Innocence

Murder investigations begin when law enforcement arrives at the scene. If no suspect can be identified at that time, investigators will start looking for evidence to identify the perpetrator. This makes it imperative to preserve and avoid altering anything in your possession that suggests that you were somewhere else at the time or incapable of committing the act.

The crime of murder requires a particular set of elements to be fulfilled. The satisfaction of each of these elements can turn on a seemingly inconsequential piece of information. A lawyer familiar with murder investigations can help determine which items are pertinent to your case.

Remain Civil With Everyone Involved

The chances are good that a murder investigation will cause a great deal of tension in your life. You might feel like no one is listening. But even if you think the process is unfair, it is important that you don’t lash out or attempt to tell your side of things. While it is always best to remain polite with police and prosecutors, you never want to speak with law enforcement without a lawyer. Prosecutors and cops can twist your statements you make, even if you believe that your explanation is completely innocent.

Remember, your words and actions are constantly being analyzed during a murder investigation. This makes it a bad idea to appear excessively angry or upset. The authorities may consider this an indication of violence, making them more inclined to believe that you could have committed the crime. Instead, it is better to remain civil and under control in all your interactions during a murder investigation.

Contact a Murder Defense Lawyer if You’re Involved in a Murder Investigation

The most important step you can take if you’re part of a murder investigation is enlisting a skilled criminal defense attorney. In Virginia, Roanoke Criminal Attorneys is the right call if you or someone you know is facing a murder charge. We can ensure that your case proceeds with your rights and peace of mind intact.

The legal system can be overwhelming to go through alone; that’s why we can guide you. To discuss your case with a Virginia defense lawyer, contact us online or call (540) 343-9349.