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Criminal Defense

Contact us today!The goal of our blog is to discuss topics related to criminal, traffic or DUI law that you may find informative, useful or entertaining. We’re always interested to hear your comments on our posts, and if you’d like us to discuss a certain topic in more depth then please email us at advice@roanokecriminalattorney.com

Federal Sentencing & How To Get the Best Result

If you’re convicted of a federal crime, your future could be based on a chart. Federal Sentencing Guidelines set out a range of possible punishments, and sentences can be based on many factors. The guidelines aren’t mandatory, so effective legal counsel can make a big difference in securing the most favorable sentence possible. What Are the Federal Sentencing Guidelines? The Federal Sentencing Guidelines apply to federal felony and Class A Read More

How To Reduce a Felony To a Misdemeanor in Virginia

After being charged with a crime, your top goal is probably to get the matter dropped completely or found not guilty. That’s understandable. Your name would be cleared, and you would face no punishments. But that’s not always possible. Sometimes, there isn’t a clear path to resolving criminal charges with zero repercussions. So, what’s the next best thing? Often, it means trying to get the initial charge against you reduced Read More

Should You Testify at Your Criminal Case?

If your criminal case goes to trial, a critical tactical issue is whether or not you’ll testify. You’re not required to, and the prosecution has the burden to prove your guilt. But depending on the facts and evidence, taking the stand may be the right thing to do. If the time comes for that, Roanoke Criminal Attorneys will support you in every way we can and help you to tell Read More

Roanoke Drug Crime Investigations: What Should I Do?

If you suspect that you are being investigated for a drug crime, the actions you take now will have a big impact on the types of charges–if any–and how your case will unfold. Federal agents and drug task forces do not generally use their resources to investigate simple drug possession. Their goal is to arrest significant offenders. So, if you sense you are being watched or investigated by agencies like Read More

Violating VA Protective Orders: Penalties & Consequences

Also known as restraining orders, a Virginia protective order is a court mandate that limits or prohibits interaction between individuals for a certain period. Protective orders are also serious legal matters that show up in criminal background checks and prevent you from contacting the person named in the order. Widely used in divorce, child custody, and domestic violence situations, violating the terms of a protective order in Virginia is a Read More