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Craig County General District Court

At Roanoke Criminal Attorneys, our criminal defense attorneys in Virginia have been working in Craig Circuit Court for years on a variety of criminal matters with successful outcomes for our clients.

Criminal term begins on the last Monday of February and the second Monday of May, September, and November. Grand juries are held on the first day of the term after court convenes at 9:30 a.m. Cases are set on term day.

If you wish to request a continuance for your case, it’s best to discuss this with your Roanoke defense attorney to see what can be done to reschedule your trial. If you haven’t retained an attorney to represent you, calling the clerk would be a good next step to determine what you need to do. Failing to appear for your grand jury or for your trial is a criminal offense of its own, so it’s best to be prepared.

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Craig County General District Court
182 Main St
Suite 5
New Castle, VA 24127-0232

Courthouse Phone
(540) 864-5989

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