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Violent Crimes

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Reducing Malicious or Unlawful Wounding Charges in Virginia

You could avoid maximum sentencing for malicious or unlawful injury. Disputes could get out of hand, especially if those involved are intoxicated or arguing over family or relationship issues. Arguments that become physical can quickly spiral out of control. A malicious, unlawful wounding charge could mean years in prison, not to mention the roadblocks you’ll face as a convicted felon. An experienced criminal defense attorney can help you obtain the Read More

How Serious is Felony Strangulation in VA?

Not all physical attacks on another person are felonies, but strangulation is one of them. It’s a class six felony. And given the value of your time and freedom, it is a charge you don’t want to face. If you’ve been arrested for felony strangulation or another crime, Roanoke Criminal Attorneys is here to ensure you understand your rights are obtain the best possible resolution. Domestic violence and assault cases Read More

Violating VA Protective Orders: Penalties & Consequences

Also known as restraining orders, a Virginia protective order is a court mandate that limits or prohibits interaction between individuals for a certain period. Protective orders are also serious legal matters that show up in criminal background checks and prevent you from contacting the person named in the order. Widely used in divorce, child custody, and domestic violence situations, violating the terms of a protective order in Virginia is a Read More

Malicious Wounding & Lesser Included Offenses in Virginia

When charged with certain crimes in Virginia, you may also face a possible conviction for lesser included offenses. For example, murder carries the lesser included offense of manslaughter, and malicious wounding includes assault and battery. Any conviction is unfortunate, but sometimes a conviction for a lesser offense is the best outcome you can achieve. Lesser offenses generally mean reduced penalties. But a Virginia criminal conviction and its impact are something Read More

DUI Charges Involving Injuries – DUI Maiming

DUI maiming occurs when someone is seriously injured while you are driving under the influence, and a conviction for such an offense can affect every aspect of your life. You can lose your driver’s license, face incarceration, and more. In addition, you’ll have a mark on your criminal record. If you’ve been charged with DUI maiming, you need immediate legal assistance from a Virginia DUI lawyer experienced in this kind Read More