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Sex Crimes

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University Rape Allegations and What You Should Do If Accused

False accusations of sexual assault are all too common on college campuses today. Most Virginians will remember that in 2014, Rolling Stone magazine published a now-retracted story called “A Rape on Campus,” which described in graphic detail rampant sexual assault that went unpunished at the University of Virginia. The only problem was, Rolling Stone’s main source for the article fabricated her story. Fortunately, no one was prosecuted as a result Read More

Evidence in Child Porn Cases

If you’ve been accused of child porn possession, the outcome of your case will depend on several factors. Your case will turn on the evidence that the prosecutor can introduce at trial, and the ability of your defense team to counter this evidence. It’s entirely possible to be innocent of wrongdoing, but for the prosecutor to have compelling evidence against you. Conversely, you could be guilty of the crime, but Read More

What If I Don’t Comply With Sex Offender Registration Laws?

Sex offender registration is one of the most burdensome collateral consequences of a Virginia sex crime conviction. As a sex offender, you need to regularly check in with local law enforcement and provide them with a wealth of information, which is then made accessible to the public. It’s not only inconvenient, it is embarrassing and in many cases a significant barrier to obtaining housing and employment. That’s why many are Read More

Man Removed from Virginia Sex Offender Registry

At Copenhaver, Ellett & Derrico, our Roanoke criminal defense lawyers were recently contacted by a man interested in being removed from Virginia’s Sex offender Registry. We reviewed his case and confirmed that when he was 19-years-old, he was convicted of engaging in consensual sex with an underage female in another state. The man registered under that state’s requirements, before moving to Virginia, which at the time had no official registry. Read More

Arguing Against Enhancements Allows for Reduced Sentence in Federal Child Porn Case

As computer technology develops, cases relating to the internet, like those involving child pornography are also becoming increasingly sophisticated. However, while hi-tech evidence collection and online sting operations are employed, there is a massive discrepancy in how individuals are sentenced. In fact, in the vast majority of child pornography cases, the penalties handed down are based, at least in part, on outdated technology and data. For instance, the Roanoke sex Read More