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Gun Crimes

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How Illegal Discharge of a Firearm Can Be Reduced or Dismissed in Virginia?

As a society, we recognize the potential harm that firearms can cause. So obviously, there are laws prohibiting certain behaviors with guns. In Virginia, these include restrictions on where and when a firearm can be discharged, including inside or at buildings. Unfortunately, even the most careful gun owners can make a mistake, where a firearm is accidentally discharged. This exposes people to significant charges with dire consequences. But by working Read More

Top Roanoke Gun Grimes

Guns are a hot topic in Virginia and around the country. While some people are reckless with firearms or use them to intentionally commit crimes, at Roanoke Criminal Attorneys, we also know that law-abiding gun owners can find themselves in the crosshairs of Roanoke gun charges too. So if you or a loved one are charged with a firearm-related offense, we highly recommend talking with an attorney. An honest mistake Read More