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What’s the Difference Between Murder and Manslaughter?

If you’ve been charged with murder or manslaughter, you’re facing a serious situation that could put you in prison for many years. These offenses have vastly different consequences that could affect every aspect of your life. Understanding the differences between murder vs. manslaughter is vitally important, as getting your charge reduced can make a huge difference in your case. At Roanoke Criminal Attorneys, our attorneys are here to help you. Read More

Felony Sentencing Guidelines in Virginia

If you’ve been charged with a felony in Virginia, you may be facing a possible prison sentence, lengthy probation, fines, or some combination of these penalties. However, many people are shocked to discover that these consequences are not set in stone, but are subject to a judge’s discretion. In many cases, sentences are left up to a judge’s discretion and will be guided by Virginia’s felony sentencing guidelines If you’ve Read More

Can My Conviction Be Expunged in Virginia?

Living with a criminal record in Virginia can be challenging and may limit your ability to move forward, Marks against you can be detrimental to your career, restrict where you can live, or prohibit your ability to own firearms. Sealing your record with an expungement can alleviate many of these concerns, but only if certain conditions apply. With very few exceptions, criminal convictions in Virginia cannot be expunged. This remedy Read More

What Is Felony Assault in Virginia?

You are likely familiar with the concept of assault in Virginia. While everyone knows that altercations can be criminal offenses, many aren’t aware that there are multiple forms of the crime. There are also numerous misconceptions regarding assault, battery, and other actions that are considered criminal. Among the most serious assault-related charges is felony assault, which could lead to lengthy incarceration, fines, and other penalties if you’re convicted. At Roanoke Read More

Can a DUI Be a Felony in Virginia?

Driving under the influence in Virginia is always a serious legal issue with some potentially far-reaching implications, no matter what. While a DUI in Virginia is normally labeled as a misdemeanor, the impact can still be severe. There are also certain circumstances in which a Virginia DUI can be escalated into a more severe classification as a felony. As opposed to a misdemeanor, a felony DUI conviction will mean more Read More