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Criminal Defense & Your Rights

Contact us today!The goal of our blog is to discuss topics related to criminal, traffic or DUI law that you may find informative, useful or entertaining. We’re always interested to hear your comments on our posts, and if you’d like us to discuss a certain topic in more depth then please email us at advice@roanokecriminalattorney.com

Should You Testify at Your Criminal Case?

If your criminal case goes to trial, a critical tactical issue is whether or not you’ll testify. You’re not required to, and the prosecution has the burden to prove your guilt. But depending on the facts and evidence, taking the stand may be the right thing to do. If the time comes for that, Roanoke Criminal Attorneys will support you in every way we can and help you to tell Read More

Finding Flaws in the Chain of Custody

The chain of custody describes the sequence of finding, handling, packaging, and moving evidence. Police officers must document and protect each piece of evidence during an investigation and court case to make sure nothing is lost, stolen, or altered. Simply, the chain is custody is the paper trail for all the evidence. If something goes wrong in the chain of custody in VA, then the reliability of the evidence is Read More

Malicious Wounding & Lesser Included Offenses in Virginia

When charged with certain crimes in Virginia, you may also face a possible conviction for lesser included offenses. For example, murder carries the lesser included offense of manslaughter, and malicious wounding includes assault and battery. Any conviction is unfortunate, but sometimes a conviction for a lesser offense is the best outcome you can achieve. Lesser offenses generally mean reduced penalties. But a Virginia criminal conviction and its impact are something Read More

What’s the Difference Between Murder and Manslaughter?

If you’ve been charged with murder or manslaughter, you’re facing a serious situation that could put you in prison for many years. These offenses have vastly different consequences that could affect every aspect of your life. Understanding the differences between murder vs. manslaughter is vitally important, as getting your charge reduced can make a huge difference in your case. At Roanoke Criminal Attorneys, our attorneys are here to help you. Read More

Virginia to Test Decades of Backlogged Rape Kits

When allegations of sexual assault are made, samples of the potential victim’s hair, bodily fluids, and garments are collected and stored, commonly referred to as rape kits. Once analyzed in a lab facility, these pieces of evidence can provide DNA evidence for use in a criminal trial. However, law enforcement agencies across Virginia–and the nation– often fell short, even failing to send rape kits to a laboratory. As a result, Read More