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Second Felony Rape Charge with Life Sentence Dismissed

Roanoke criminal attorney Michelle Derrico successfully defended the dismissal of the charge of felony rape against her client with the not guilty verdict of the jury trial reported in the Roanoke Times. Our client was arrested and charged with felony rape when he and the alleged victim engaged in consensual sex using a knife as part of their sexual experience. During intercourse the knife accidentally injured the alleged victim and while seeking medical attention the alleged victim falsely reported she had been attacked and raped by our client. Our client had previously been convicted of violent felonies including rape by the alleged victim as our client and the alleged victim had a long term relationship which included sharing two children together.

This charge of felony rape went to jury trial and our attorneys submitted evidence of the alleged victim’s willful participation in the consensual sex acts which included pictures the alleged victim took of herself during the alleged rape and sent to our client. Our client was a 29-year-old male facing a life sentence of jail time if convicted of this charge of felony rape. Roanoke criminal attorney Michelle Derrico fought hard to bring every piece of evidence before the jury during the trial and our attorneys successfully defended our client and the jury found our client not guilty of Felony Rape. The charges against our client were dismissed and he is able to be a father to his children instead of spending the rest of his life in prison.

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