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License Restored after Eleventh Driving Under Suspension Offense

If you are convicted of certain traffic violations or driving under the influence in Virginia, you will almost assuredly have your driving privileges suspended. If you are then caught driving while that suspension is in effect, you will face a prolonged inability to drive in addition to other legal penalties. Since most people consider driving as a necessity, if you’re caught repeatedly or fail to meet the conditions of having your license reinstated, you can become, tragically, involved in a never-ending suspension. When this happens, things can seem hopeless, but it’s important to remember that even the most convoluted issues can usually be remedied by reaching out to an experienced Virginal traffic lawyer.

Recently, a man whose license had been suspended for some time due to a previous DUI and his failure to pay various fees was recently pulled over and charged with driving under suspension for a staggering eleventh time. Since he lived in an area without adequate public transportation options and he needed to drive to make ends meet, he desperately wanted to restore his ability to drive and hopefully avoid the harsh repercussions of yet another violation.

He appeared in court to deal with these charges, but he did so without a lawyer and while the Judge provided the opportunity to have the charge dismissed if he regained a valid license, the man ran into quite a few legal and logistical hurdles that prevented this from taking place. When the conditions to reacquire his license were not met, the Judge imposed a hefty $5,000 bond and he now faced the possibility of serving up to a year in jail in addition to still being unable to drive.

When presented with this very bleak prospect, he realized that to finally and effectively handle his legal issues, he would need a skilled lawyer, so he contacted Roanoke’s Copenhaver, Ellett & Derrico. As a capable traffic attorney, Rick Derrico reviewed the man’s case and began the process of having his license reinstated. This client’s unique set of circumstances required him to gain restricted driving privileges in six different jurisdictions, arraigning to pay any outstanding fines, and participating in the Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program’s (VASAP) driving class to deal with his prior DUI. While these requirements took substantial time and effort, attorney Derrico also negotiated to have his client approved for an Ignition Interlock Device for his vehicle despite the fact that in normal circumstances having a valid license is required prior to its installation. It is important to note that while he did not drive before getting the license, this device was procedurally necessary to move the process forward.

Once all the pieces were in place, which would be considered highly implausible without proper legal intervention, attorney Derrico appeared with his client to present his fully reinstated driver’s license. In doing so, attorney Derrico successfully persuaded the court to reduce the original driving under suspension charge to the much less severe offense of driving with no license. This only required the payment of a $500 fine, would not result in any jail time, and perhaps most importantly allowed him to keep his new license.

The outcome of an individual case depends on a variety of factors unique to that case. Case results do not guarantee or predict a similar result in any similar or future case.