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Federal Charges of Felony Medicare Fraud Dismissed

Roanoke criminal attorney Michelle Derrico was recently contacted by a man in his 30s who was charged with Federal suspicion of felony Medicare fraud in Roanoke County. Our client worked for an independently owned and operated small business as a Home Care worker providing at home support services for disabled people. This was a pre-trial diversion.

As part of his job responsibilities our client would sign paperwork given to him by the owner of the company not fully aware he was being taken advantage of as an employee of the company. Our client worked for the employer less than six months when he was arrested under the suspicion of Medicare fraud which carried multiple felony charges including mandatory jail sentencing, thousands of dollars in fines and a permanent felony criminal record.

Our client had no previous criminal record and our attorneys defended our client against the abusive practices of the manipulative employer immediately after his arrest. Roanoke criminal attorney Michelle Derrico discovered the owner of this business had been previously convicted of Medicare fraud and opened this business under the name of a family member to hide the criminal activity. Our client being unaware the employer was falsifying documents our attorneys successfully negotiated a pretrial agreement with the prosecuting dismissing the charge.

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