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CDL Reckless Driving Charge Amended to Improper Driving

We recently helped a client with a troubled driving history avoid a CDL reckless driving conviction that would have impacted his career and finances. He had been backing up on the freeway to the weighing station opening he had passed, which was charged as reckless driving in Botetourt County. We negotiated at trial to have his reckless driving charge amended to improper driving. This allowed him to maintain his commercial driver’s license (CDL) and continue driving his truck for work, which also meant keeping his job. The improper driving charge is a 3-point traffic violation that stays on his driving record for three (3) years, while the reckless driving charge would have meant six (6) points on his Virginia driving record for 11 years. It also would have put a criminal misdemeanor on his permanent record.

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