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Legal Help for Roanoke Protesters

The small community of Roanoke is joining larger cities across the nation to condemn the death of George Floyd, who died in police custody in Minneapolis one week ago. Protests over the past few days, largely organized by Black Lives Matter – Roanoke and numbering in the hundreds have marched through downtown Roanoke, Valley View, Hershberger Road, the Berglund Center, and ended outside the Roanoke police department. While the demonstrations Read More

The Importance of Asset Distribution for Divorcing Couples

Owning property with one’s spouse is a part of many marriages. If you’re married to another person, you’ve likely purchased many big-ticket items together such as houses and other real estate. What happens to this property when a married couple decides to get a divorce? What if there are judgments against one spouse – how does that affect who does or does not own the property, free of liens, shared Read More