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Federal Crimes

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Federal Sentencing & How To Get the Best Result

If you’re convicted of a federal crime, your future could be based on a chart. Federal Sentencing Guidelines set out a range of possible punishments, and sentences can be based on many factors. The guidelines aren’t mandatory, so effective legal counsel can make a big difference in securing the most favorable sentence possible. What Are the Federal Sentencing Guidelines? The Federal Sentencing Guidelines apply to federal felony and Class A Read More

Federal Conspiracy Charges in Virginia

Getting charged with a federal crime may require less action on your part that you thought. For instance, when it comes to conspiracy charges, all you have to do is plan to do something illegal with another person and take one small step toward doing it. This one action gets a lot of people caught up in a serious situation. Many people, who get slapped with federal conspiracy charges in Read More

Strategies to Obtain Reduced Federal Sentencing

If you’re convicted of or plead guilty to a federal felony, you’ll attend a hearing where the judge will decide what your sentence will be. This sentencing is not automatic, and the judge has a lot of leeway for reduced felony sentencing. This leeway falls under the scope of federal sentencing guidelines. If you’re facing charges for a federal crime, you want the least restrictive sentence available. The criminal defense Read More

Criminal Penalties for Drug Dealing in Virginia

In Virginia and across the United States, there is currently a drug epidemic, with a particular emphasis on heroin and other opioids. As a result, drug charges are somewhat unique because they can either be pursued as state or federal crimes based on certain factors. In the event that you are accused of selling drugs and regardless of which level of government is prosecuting your case, if you’re convicted for Read More

Johnson v. US

People who have been incarcerated for violating the federal Armed Career Criminal Act (ACCA) may stand a chance at requesting a reduced sentence or even their release from prison. Also known as the federal three strikes law, the ACCA contained a clause that the Supreme Court ruled last year was unconstitutional in Johnson v. United States. And in March of this year, the Supreme Court ruled in Welch v. United Read More