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Drug Crimes

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Criminal Penalties for Drug Dealing in Virginia

In Virginia and across the United States, there is currently a drug epidemic, with a particular emphasis on heroin and other opioids. As a result, drug charges are somewhat unique because they can either be pursued as state or federal crimes based on certain factors. In the event that you are accused of selling drugs and regardless of which level of government is prosecuting your case, if you’re convicted for Read More

What Parents Should Know About Heroin Charges in Roanoke, Va

There is currently a lot of discussion centered around heroin, heroin charges in Roanoke, Va, and the opioid epidemic in Virginia and across the U.S. Parents are tragically encountering heroin and the various legal and health-related consequences associated with its use for the first time. If you are dealing with your own or a loved one’s legal troubles connected to heroin, it is important to gain the facts. Heroin is Read More

Drug Investigation Process in Virginia

If you’ve been charged with trafficking a controlled substance or another serious drug crime, it’s likely the result of a thorough drug investigation process–possibly by several law enforcement agencies over a long period of time. You may face drug trafficking charges if the authorities’ investigation has produced evidence that you sold drugs, came into possession of drugs with the intent to sell them, or assisted someone else in distributing drugs. Read More

How Virginia Forfeiture Laws Apply in Drug Cases

Virginia forfeiture laws have come under serious scrutiny over the past few years, as civil liberties groups have questioned the legality of taking property without first proving a crime occurred, yet they are still in full force—and employed often to seize property from suspected narcotics traffickers and other drug dealers. In fact, $62 million in assets has been seized by Virginia law enforcement from suspected narcotics traffickers and other drug Read More

5 Tips for Avoiding Legal Trouble at FloydFest

Each year, music fans look forward to FloydFest, a multi-day music and arts festival in the Blue Ridge Mountains. In 2014, there are over 50 performers across 80 acres, with artisanal food, healing arts, and children’s performances scattered throughout. It’s gotten so popular that it has bloomed to a five-day festival for the first time, and FloydFest sells out each year with about 15,000 people each day – nearly equivalent Read More