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Drug Crimes

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Roanoke Drug Arrests: Are You Eligible for Drug Court?

The Virginia State Police report thousands of drug arrests every year, and an arrest can land you in significant legal trouble. While the longest sentences are for selling drugs, prosecutors are known to seek jail time for people arrested for drug use. Drug convictions stay on your record forever, making it hard to find employment and move on with your life. Fortunately, Virginia courts sometimes offer treatment instead of jail. Read More

Roanoke Drug Crime Investigations: What Should I Do?

If you suspect that you are being investigated for a drug crime, the actions you take now will have a big impact on the types of charges–if any–and how your case will unfold. Federal agents and drug task forces do not generally use their resources to investigate simple drug possession. Their goal is to arrest significant offenders. So, if you sense you are being watched or investigated by agencies like Read More

Virginia Felony Drug Sentencing: Reducing Your Time Inside

When you’re facing drug charges, it’s imperative to get an honest understanding of VA felony drug sentencing guidelines and all the potential penalties. Virginia harshly punishes drug crimes, and your sentence depends heavily on the judge or jury’s discretion. An experienced criminal defense attorney is always your best resource. At Roanoke Criminal Attorneys, we understand the ins and outs of VA felony drug sentencing and the factors that influence these Read More

Will Going to Rehab Help Your Case?

Getting help for drug and alcohol issues is always a good idea, regardless if you’ve been arrested. But facing criminal charges in Virginia that stem from substance abuse is certainly not a rare occurrence. Approximately 18% of all state and federal inmates reported that they committed their crimes to obtain money for drugs. This accounts for a lot of crime and not just drug charges. Drug abuse is a significant Read More

Can My Conviction Be Expunged in Virginia?

Living with a criminal record in Virginia can be challenging and may limit your ability to move forward, Marks against you can be detrimental to your career, restrict where you can live, or prohibit your ability to own firearms. Sealing your record with an expungement can alleviate many of these concerns, but only if certain conditions apply. With very few exceptions, criminal convictions in Virginia cannot be expunged. This remedy Read More