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Full Recovery for Damages Caused by an Unlicensed Contractor

Every homeowner understands the desire to save money on repairs or renovations. But people need to be cautious because frugality can sometimes lead to hiring unscrupulous or unqualified individuals and when mistakes are made, it can create considerable expense and stress. In these times, you may be unsure of how to proceed or what recourse you may have, but there is always hope and you should consult with an experienced Read More

License Restored after Eleventh Driving Under Suspension Offense

If you are convicted of certain traffic violations or driving under the influence in Virginia, you will almost assuredly have your driving privileges suspended. If you are then caught driving while that suspension is in effect, you will face a prolonged inability to drive in addition to other legal penalties. Since most people consider driving as a necessity, if you’re caught repeatedly or fail to meet the conditions of having Read More

Domestic Violence Charges Avoided After an Altercation

If you ever find yourself in a questionable legal circumstance, it is important to remember that law enforcement may not necessarily be looking out for your best interests. Officers are tasked with protecting the area the serve and for real individualized attention or legal guidance, you should always consult a private and experienced attorney. Not long ago, a Virginia man returned home and confronted his live-in girlfriend about an instance Read More

Fraud Charges Dismissed After Mishandled Internet Sale

With the growing popularity of selling items online, the need for caution has also never been greater. When sellers and buyers are anonymous, a host of problems can arise, some even requiring help from experienced legal professionals. Some time ago, a Virginia woman recently found herself in a compromising legal position, when she sold a classic automobile to an out-of-state buyer through an online posting. The woman was unaware of Read More

Man’s Trust Executed with Personalized Attention

As an experienced legal professional, Roanoke attorney Rick Derrico will usually tell you that carrying out your final wishes through an estate plan is best handled by a close family member or friend. This individual is typically someone who knows you well and how you would want certain affairs managed after passing away. However, sometimes this is not an available option for everyone and in these cases, it may be Read More